About - Womenowar
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WomenOwar’s influence in the sort-of-all-female-Manowar-tribute-band industry is undeniable.

With unrivaled conviction, persistence, courage and cheap wigs from Amazon, the band have weathered even the most unconquerable challenges to consistently bring you 100% of the Manowar for 1% of the price of actual Manowar.

Officially founded in 2018 for a one-off performance at Power Metal Quest Fest, WomenOwaR had been a drunken idea stirring around for years between vocalist Erica Had’ems (Vocals – Gemma Lawler of Dakesis) and Joanne Lmao (Bass – Amie Chatterley of Dakesis).

When they finally came to creating a full line-up of Women—O-Warriors, they invited exclusively cis-gendered biological women to join the band, however due to clashing menstrual cycles and arguing about boys, it became apparent that they would need some men in disguise to do all the actual hard work in the band, thus Floss the Boss (Guitar – Jake Elwell of Fury) and Davina Shenkles (Guitar – Matt Jones of Dakesis) were swiftly given lessons in how to pop a hip and do a mean eyeliner wing. The Pleasure-slave (Drums – Josh Cureton of Christgrinder) was captured somewhere in the Telford region and enchained in eternal rhythmic servitude.

WomenOwar have an array of Queens to step up and offer keyboard services for live performances which include Thunderprick (Adam Harris – Dakesis) and The Mano-Whore (Becky Baldwin – Fury, Dorja & Hands Off Gretel).

Other bands play, WomenOwar slay.


WomenOwar was formed by Gemma Lawler & Amie Chatterley (Dakesis) during an intoxicated heavy metal gathering somewhere in a field in Burton.

Officially formed in 2018 for a debut (and one off) performance at Power Metal Quest Festival, WomenOwar is now in demand from promoters, festivals and private bookers.

A supergroup forged from members of some of the UKs leading independent bands Dakesis, Fury & Christgrinder, they are available to book for all major festivals, shows and private events worldwide.