News - Womenowar
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  • Hail all Manowarriors! We are Womenowar, a (mostly) all female Manowar tribute band bringing you only the TRUEST metal in the world! If you would like to see our d

  • What an incredible battle we had at Power Metal Quest Fest 2018. Another sold out festival for the team at CapsaArx Studios. A huge thank you to everyone that came

  • We are pleased to announce a new allegiance between Womenowar and Hanowar. Both bands have teamed up with CapsaArx Studios to present to you the Unofficial Final B

  • Mighty Women-and-some-men-O-warriors of steel! We are very pleased to announce that we will be bringing glory, majesty, unity, the truest of metal and the mighties

  • We don’t often break character on our little corner of the internet, but we need to let you guys know that our keyboard player Hannah War has decided to step down

  • Thank you mighty women-and-some-men-o-warriors! We had the absolute best time at BOA, thank you for raising your signs of the hammer and dousing yourself in baby o

  • ??? MERCH ALERT ??? We are very pleased to present the BEST, LOUDEST, MOST POWERFUL T-shirts in the world.  The “Battle Hymen Sassy Eagle” Shirt is available