Womenowar at Bloodstock Open Air 2019 - Womenowar
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Womenowar at Bloodstock Open Air 2019

Mighty Women-and-some-men-O-warriors of steel! We are very pleased to announce that we will be bringing glory, majesty, unity, the truest of metal and the mightiest steel (and some very dodgy wigs) to a headlining set on the Jagermeister stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2019!

Queen of metal Joanne LMAO says “Our true metal army has heard the call to arms and will march with us again, to bring a holy war of black wind, fire and steel to Bloodstock Open Air! Understandably the stage will be renamed the “JOANNE LMAO IS THE FUCKING BEST” stage for the duration of our set, and there will be a full security contingent checking there are no wimps, poseurs or crackerjack clothes present.

We will bring you the BIGGEST show the stage has ever seen…(or maybe the second biggest..Hanowar had a confetti cannon and we just have a bunch of feminine hygiene products, sandwich making supplies and a lipstick with us)..HAIL AND KILL!”

Full weekend tickets are available to buy here, day tickets available soon.

=T= Death to false metal! Hail & Kill! =T=


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